How to Make Origami Planting Pots

1 Apr

Origami starting pots I made last fall. This time I made them much smaller, large enough for just one seed each.

Another week has flown by, with no camera and therefore no posts.

Contrary to my blog, I am actually very busy, with the kids on Pass Over holiday for no less than 3.5 weeks (Pass Over is only 1 week long….), work, getting the garden going and doing various projects…

Most of my time and effort is being spent on all things garden, which I don’t intend to go into to much here, since I am still trying to keep this blog topic oriented, but I will right about my garden as far as recycling and upcycling goes.

Even thought I would like to show you my own preparations, I can’t since I haven’t managed to get my hands on a working camera, (although a friend of mine did lend me one, it doesn’t work LOL).

Last fall I came across this video of how to make seed starting containers Origami style. I made them as instructed in the video, and thought they were absolutely fantastic, although slightly big for planting one seed in, and then transferring to the garden.

This year, I decided to make a smaller version, and instead of using a whole sheet of newspaper, I used half a sheet (of magazine section size) and made myself containers that are perfect for planting one seed. I made about 100. Although I love them if you intend to plant a lot of seeds, and didn’t start making them in the dark of winter, you might find, like I did, that it was a bit to time consuming.

So to my slew of origami starting packs I added as many egg package containers that I could find. When I could find enough of those I started improvising with the other side of the egg container, dividing it into 12 or 18 areas with partitions made from cereal boxes, much like the partitions you would find in the box you would by wine glasses in.

I must have close to 300 seeds planted, and I have a feeling that I have over done it relative to the space I have available.

Other stuff going on:

  • Fixing up some old wooden folding chairs I found. They are falling apart and I will be happy to make them pretty and have them last for a couple of years.
  • Making window boxes out of tin cans.

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