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How To Make Yarn From T-Shirts, or T-Yarn

12 Dec

Just like wonders can be created out of plastic bags, so can they be out of t-shirts.

In a slightly different technique than the plastic bags, the T-shirts can also be cut into strips to create yarn, out of which many things can be made.

Apparently not all t-shirts were created equal, and not all are equally suitable for this task. For the best results, the t-shirts fabric shouldn’t be too worn, and should have a bit of elasticity left in it, or it won’t curl in nicely. It is also better if the T-shirt is  seamless, which will allow you to cut one long continuous, even strip, which will  give the best end result.

Unfortunately, when I went to my waiting pile of t-shirts, I found that most of them had seams, and that quite a few were made out of a textured knit, so were no good for this project.

I did an experiment with one small seamed t-shirt. I separated the front panel from the back, and also removed the hem, sleeves and collar. One of the panels I cut in a continuous spiral, and the other I cut like an accordion to see which strip would be more even and would curl better.

I wasn’t pleased with how either curled in, but decided to hold my judgment until I had knitted a little sampler to see how bad they looked.

I also incorporated in the sample some yarn from a t-shirt that had no elasticity left.

On the whole, doesn’t look to bad although you can see, even through the knit how very worn that t-shirt was, and I will probably try to use t-shirts like that in invisible places.

I don’t intend to crochet or knit this one, since I want to step out of my comfort zone and try different techniques. I am quite sure what or how, and will probably spend the rest of my evening looking at youtube video’s, searching for techniques…