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Tin Can Party Favors and Strawberry men – What I Have Been Up Too

15 Mar

 Purim, my excuse for not blogging came and went a while ago, and for some reason, maybe because of spring and because I am planning my garden, I have not managed to bring myself to blog, or even to read others blogs.

 There is something about this bilingual blogging that is a bit of a drag. Writing in one language and then translating it into another, having to post all of the images twice means that one single post takes a lot of time. I can not just sit down quickly blurt something out – blurting might be ok in one language, but I do not think it translates exceedingly well.

 Any case, I didn’t log on to bitch and moan.

 Purim (in a way the parallel of Halloween, at least as far as costumes go) is usually about mothers running around like chickens without head to either buy or make fancy dress costumes. This year my kids were quite adamant about wearing their costumes from last year (a witch and wolverine). After considering persuading them to go for something new, I realized how crazy that would be and thanked my lucky stars that they are creatures of habit, and I would have fewer things to worry about this year.

 At my daughters preschool, they have a Purim feast, and the parents have to bring a disguised dish – or a dish with a fun presentation. I decided to make a fruit plate and was quite happy with my strawberry men.

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Another tradition that is associated with purism is giving small, sweet gifts to neighbors and friends, since I didn’t have to spend time making costumes I could spend more time getting into trouble with the sweet gifts. Of course, I made ozne’ haman (which are cookies with a poppy seed filling) and regular cookies, but as far as I was concerned, they were not as important has how I was going to package them.

I thought that I could make boxes like Chinese take away boxes out of cereal boxes. I did, and the kids and I decorated them with stamps I made out of some packaging I found in an air conditioning box, but I didn’t love them. They were a little big for what I wanted, and lacked fun. Although we all had fun making them, they were not whimsical, and I wanted whimsical.

I was getting quite desperate, since time was running out, and I knew there was no way in hell I would give my neighbors cellophane covered plates. To  boring.

 I noticed out of the corner of my eyes the huge tin can collection I have on my fridge, (it has since been moved) and I decided to use them. If I had thought about it earlier, I would have painted them, but I love them au natural, though no one but me can figure out why.

 I made sleeves out of baking paper, which I tied of at the top, hot glued candy around the edges and made a festive little greeting flag.

 I love the result, and intend to use it again.

  I didn’t get any feedback at all from my neighbors, so I hope I am not alone in thinking this was a terrific idea.


The Inner Workings of My Mind

9 Feb

photo credit creative commons license shinnythings

This is what happens to me between projects:

My mind goes dead.

I get totally stressed thinking what to make next. Then I remember to check my list.  Ahh, yes, that would be a good one to do now.

Look around the house to see if I have everything I need to do it.



OK, I’ll make more of these….and I do start, but I am not quite there.

Because I live on a mountain (hill) in the middle of nowhere, going out to get supplies is more complicated than it was when I lived in Tel-Aviv, for example. I have to plan it. I have to decide if I want to deal with looking for stuff with the kids in tow. Believe me, making calculated decisions about what to buy while getting your kids to keep their grimy paws off everything in sight as you embarrassingly side glancing at the shop proprietor while you are at it is no easy feat.

Anyway, say for once you managed to multi task yourself into getting what ever it was that you needed for the next project (This time – Wax paper. Yes, wax paper, that’s all. No major thinking there, which is probably why I managed to pull it off)

You finally manage to sit down to start making said project, and all these ideas start bouncing around in your head… boing… what if I threw in some color…. Boing, Ooh, I could do this as well…. Boing… wouldn’t it be cool if…. Ooooh, I need to get some more wax paper…..boing….

Now I am no longer stressed about what I will be making next. The stress has shifted. Now I am stressing about if I want each and every item in my house to be made out of wax paper…..

And you?