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How to Make Hooks or Hangers From Soda Bottles

8 Jun

After the complete tedium of the no go fabric/ plastic rugs, I needed a quick and easy for my soul to regain the feeling of accomplishment and control.

I had been saving plastic bottles for another project I had in mind, but since we have a collection center for plastic bottles near by, and they really are easy to come by in largish quantities, I decided to sacrifice 6 of them for my quick and easy.

 The concept is  the same as with my tuna can hooks  except it is even faster and easier to do, and it has the added advantage of permanently removing some of the never-played-with little knick-knacks off the ever growing pile of toys on the floor.  No doubt and all around win-win situation.

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 Making them is very easy. Just cut of the top of the bottle, leaving at least 2 inches and a tab you can use to hang it from, with a screw or nail, (depending what you will be using them for), Collect all the knick- knacks you need and go wild.

 A few points to ponder:

 Design wise the sky is the limit.

Because of the star shaped bottom most soda bottles have, it is a bit hard to see the details of the design face on. Make sure the sides look good too.

The deeper you make it, the easier it will be to hang stuff on it. As opposed to the tuna cans, the edges on the bottles are curved, so for some things to hang well and not slip off you might need some depth.

I don’t expect these to last as long as the tuna can hooks. Plastic is softer and weaker and it will probably break if abused to much.

I don’t think that that is necessarily a bad thing when it comes to décor in kids rooms.

Anyway, the kids love them, and I love the fact that they were quick and easy, with both a start and a finish.


My 2012 2Do List

9 Jan

photo credit creative commons license Vizzzual.com

I have been busy with this blog and the project behind it for about 6 weeks now, and the passion I started out with has turned into confusion. Confusion is not the most accurate word for what I am feeling. Lost is more like it. Things are taking such a long time. Techniques  I though were relatively straightforward, like paper mache, are in fact quite complicated, if you want to get  good results. Learning them properly, through making mistakes and trying different things can be a lengthily process that is not necessarily particularly interesting for the by-stander. The bystander is not the only one with a problem with this. Along with the things that have a long process to them, I would like to be making quick, light, fun stuff – transformation of objects that need less of a technical skill than the ability to see things differently and redesign them to fit their new designation.

I decided to make a list of thing that I need and want around the house, and within the next year, I will try to make as many of them as possible. The list is quite varied, and so will the work be. All the while, in the background, I will continue to investigate techniques that are more painstaking to learn.

 My list (drumrollllll)

1. Hooks and hangers:

 Coat hangers for guest

 Coat hooks for the laundry room (It’s a bit like hold all room)

Towel rack/hooks for the master bathroom

Hooks in the kids play room.

 2. Light fittings for the entire house. That would make it about 20 since we have some        rooms with more than one.

 3.   Shelving for my tiny, tiny studio.

 4.   Refurnish Study.

 5.   Garden furniture.

 6.   Garden gate.

 7.   Coffee table/s.

 8.   Carpet for the living room.

 9.   Carpet for the hall.

 10. Carpet for the kids room.

 11.  Art :-).

 12.   Storage containers/baskets for the studio.

 13.   Storage container/baskets for the living room.

14.    Lost socks contraption/basket.

 15.   Bed for our daughter (I found a fantastic bed, or part of a bed on the pavement   I need to make the rest of it and of course make it ours!)

16.   Make the toddler’s bed into a day couch for the play room.

17.   Stencil wall in master bedroom. ( I know that this isn’t strictly connected, but I  have been looking for an excuse to stencil for a while now).

18.    New dinning table (I would love to upcycle our wooden fence from the back yard, which I hate, into a dining table. Ambitious, I know).

 I will be back to this list, to cross out items that I get done. I would love to finish them all in the coming year, but am not holding my breath.  If nothing else, this will keep me focused.