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We Bought A New Camera!

19 Apr


Finally, we have bought a new camera! Since we knew we couldn’t get a brilliant dream camera, we were happy to get anything that was an upgrade on our old one, which for an 8 year old point and shoot wasn’t bad at all. When I bought it, it was cutting edge, 5mpx was fantastic, and we were happy with it as long as it lasted. (it was a Sony Cybershot)

Today R was out and about and he bought a Canon SX130IS it is 12.1 mpx has a 12x optical zoom and you can set it to take a photo when it recognizes a smile… that’s a bit over the top as far as I am concerned, since I can still recognize a smile myself!

Anyway, It seems quite good for a point and shoot in its price range. I have taken a few pics with it, and am quite happy with the results. I am sure once I read the booklet and learn a bit more about it, it will do us great.

There are two things about it which really bother me though; one is that it doesn’t seem very sturdy. It’s a bit plasticy and you need to flip up the flash for it to work. Its not that flipping up the flash is difficult, but having a hinge on a camera is just having one more thing that can break.

Another thing I really really do not like is that it has regular AA batteries. It doesn’t even come with rechargeable ones. I think that is terrible, both environmentally and generally. How long can regular AA batteries last with a flash going all the time?

Of course we will purchase rechargeable batteries, ASAP, but I am still unhappy with this.

In any case, it is certainly much better than borrowing cameras or using the one in my cell phone, which is not state of the art, as you might have noticed.

Anyway, here is its test run photos, mind you, I have not edited these at all, and I usually do, just a little bit.


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Does anyone know this camera more intimately? Any advice?


Our Camera Finally Died :-(

26 Mar

This is not the post I wanted to write. I have a couple of things going on and plans for even more projects, as if spring has awakened me from my recent slumber. Unfortunately, my camera, which I bought in Amsterdam, in my previous life, or so it seems, has finally and completely died.

We have managed to revive it several times but this time, it isn’t working. That wouldn’t be so bad if I had not lost my smart phone… leaving my self totally cameraless.

I will be purchasing a new camera soon, probably something inexpensive, a point and shoot is all we can afford at this point. Anyway, please forgive the lack of posting. I am trying to borrow a camera so that I can at least photograph my current projects to post.