Hear Yea Hear Yea….

25 Apr

I have been meaning to post on the blog all week. I have so much to talk about, but because I am so busy doing bloggy things elsewhere, it seems as if the last place I can actually get to is the blog.

I have been blogging for about 6 months now, time to look around and take stock, and maybe start behaving like a good blogger, posting more often (yeah right), commenting on other blogs and so on.


photo credit creative commons license Lbo

Toward that end I have added a blog roll to my side bar. I have posted links to my favorite blogs, and if you enjoy reading my blog, I am sure you will enjoy reading theirs as well. Please check them out.

 Also, I have finally gotten over my aversion (ok, I lie, but in Rome…) of facebook and have opened a page for upcyclingruth. I am still trying to figure it out, for example, how I get my blog posts feed to work there, and so on. If anyone has any advice for me on the facebook issue, I would love to know how you run your face book page. Is it your personal page as well or just your blog page? Any insights will be appreciated.

Also, I would of course love it if you all popped over and liked me and friended me (if that is what you do on facebook J).

OK. Now please join me in praying that the feed will work and this will be published on facebook!


Please comment and let me know what you think

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