The Inner Workings of My Mind

9 Feb

photo credit creative commons license shinnythings

This is what happens to me between projects:

My mind goes dead.

I get totally stressed thinking what to make next. Then I remember to check my list.  Ahh, yes, that would be a good one to do now.

Look around the house to see if I have everything I need to do it.



OK, I’ll make more of these….and I do start, but I am not quite there.

Because I live on a mountain (hill) in the middle of nowhere, going out to get supplies is more complicated than it was when I lived in Tel-Aviv, for example. I have to plan it. I have to decide if I want to deal with looking for stuff with the kids in tow. Believe me, making calculated decisions about what to buy while getting your kids to keep their grimy paws off everything in sight as you embarrassingly side glancing at the shop proprietor while you are at it is no easy feat.

Anyway, say for once you managed to multi task yourself into getting what ever it was that you needed for the next project (This time – Wax paper. Yes, wax paper, that’s all. No major thinking there, which is probably why I managed to pull it off)

You finally manage to sit down to start making said project, and all these ideas start bouncing around in your head… boing… what if I threw in some color…. Boing, Ooh, I could do this as well…. Boing… wouldn’t it be cool if…. Ooooh, I need to get some more wax paper…..boing….

Now I am no longer stressed about what I will be making next. The stress has shifted. Now I am stressing about if I want each and every item in my house to be made out of wax paper…..

And you?


2 Responses to “The Inner Workings of My Mind”

  1. Julie @ Outtakes on the Outskirts February 12, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    I do this! I get on a project kick and can’t stop. My current obsession is yogurt. I can’t stop making it or eating it.

  2. handsomecraftworks February 14, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    I can certainly relate. My trouble is that I think of more ideas that I have time, skills, tools, or space to make them. I start on one project, then think of and start three others….then I find myself bouncing back and forth between all of them. I also find that there is so much to learn…many ideas require learning new skills and big time problem solving…or really needing a tool that I do not have. So lately I have been trying to focus more on finishing and refining the projects that are already in the works, and limiting myself to working only with the materials I find (or receive from friends) for free. I do get new tools when I have to (I try to find them used first of course!), but I try to be as selective as possible. And finally, the latest ‘stress’ that I am feeling is that of learning how to promote myself the things that I make – so that I might actually sell something. My hope in this effort was to eventually actually make a little money from it, and so I am working to figure out the business/promotion end of things which can be quite stressful and elusive.

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