The Lands of the Far-Away Tree

26 Jan

I know it’s been ages since I have written anything, probably about 10 days or even a couple of weeks. Life seems to have spun out of control and I have been whisked from one task to another in a manner reminding me of one of my favorite childhood books, the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.

If you are not familiar with it, it is about a few kids who live near an enchanted wood, in the center of this is an enormous tree with magical creatures living in it. At the top of the tree there is a rotation of different lands, some of which are lovely, like the land of take-what-you-want, and some are quite nasty like the land of Dame Slap… anyway, besides doing all the stuff that I usually do, I have been whisked of to, the land of 5-yr-old’s birthdays, the Land Of Lost Socks and others.

Birthday cake #1 from said land of 5yr olds birthdays

The Land of lost socks has already left, and the land of  5-yr-old’s birthdays is scheduled to leave on Saturday night, with the last of the guest, after which I will be back to posting normally.

The lost socks basket - or the land of lost socks

 OK, maybe not normally, since I also had a short but traumatic visit to the land of lost cell phones, where I lost mine (I must have driven off with it on the roof of my car). Besides all the usual hassle that that would raise, the expense and the heartbreak, it also contained my camera, which wasn’t a great one, but at least was a camera……


2 Responses to “The Lands of the Far-Away Tree”


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