How to leave the classroom craft zone

23 Dec

I have been remiss in posting in the last week. I have to admit that I have slowed down a bit in the amount that I got done, those that was to be expected. I have always worked in bursts and need some down time to think every now and again.

Also, sometimes things happen that seem to devour all my attention and energy. In the passed week or so it has been the demise of my washing machine and the drama involved in purchasing a new one.

Last I wrote, I had just conquered, or thought I had conquered to art of rolling newspapers into sticks. After I wrote that post I spent quite a few hours rolling sticks only to discover that I was not getting consistent results and that about half of the rolls ended up in my soon-to-be-mache bowl.

One of the hardest things to control while making these sticks is getting them to be perfectly parallel and not cone like at all. I wasn’t sure how much it would make a difference in the final product but from a bit of dabbling, I can see that having straight and even sticks is everything as far as the final product goes.


I decided I would try to learn some basketing techniques in order to figure out what to make with them. I did make a small basket, but was very discouraged because I felt as if I was dabbling in grade school craft, which is of no interest to me. I also tried to twine a flat piece, thinking of maybe making some placemats.

I think I have the twining down, but no doubt I will have to perfect my stick rolling technique other wise I will never get passed the classroom craft look.

I have taken some pictures, but just realized today that there quality is so bad there is no point in posting them.

I might post some later, or just skip the pictures this post.

I know making placemats doesn’t seem like the most exciting way to spend time, but at this point I am more interested in arming myself with new techniques than I am in making art. I have functional craft so very embedded in me that I find that I need a function, as an excuse to justify making something, so I have decided to make things that I need around the house. Maybe when I have some good technique, I can break away from function and visit art for a while.

Hopefully I will be back to my previous posting rate now.



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