Conquering Newspaper Tubes

13 Dec

I am as pleased as punch.

That what happens when you have a great day! I had a great day. I did really well at work, had fun with my kids made a cake, made dinner and conquered making newspapers sticks, or tubes or whatever they are called.

Who would ever believe that a drill and a knitting needle would combine to create magic?

I have tried making these before, but all that happened was that I felt like I had ten thumbs and affirmed my severe dislike for glue.

Sometimes things need to sit a bit. Marinade, if you will. Anyway, these are the base for a tone of different techniques, and endless things can be made with them.

I am finding at this point that I spend more time making materials than actually making stuff. I suppose that is part of upcycling, or this kind of recycling.

Take a product, make a workable material out of it, and turn it into a completely different product.



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