Yet Another Crochet Basket… And What Will Become With The Tin Cans

8 Dec

I always loved knitting. I loved seeing my mother and her sister knit. They would knit at superhuman speed in the eyes of a little girl, and the ticking of the knitting needles became the sound of home. Over the years, I have both knitted and crocheted quite a bit, although over the last few years, as I previously mentioned, not so much.

Crocheting the basket out of plastic bags bought my appetite for it back big time, and reminded me that a few months ago I unraveled a sweater that the kids go in a bag of  hand-me-down clothes we got.

Before the disposable age, a sweater that no longer fit was pulled out and made into something else. Today hardly anyone does that anymore. Just like the rest of the objects in our life, sweaters have also become disposable.

Since I didn’t like the sweater and the urge to knit had already begun nibbling at me, I pulled it out intending to knit something, but that is as far as I got.

While I was knitting the plastic bag basket, I remembered this yarn that I had already, and decided to make the same basket out of the ex sweater.

Of course, the crochet experience was more pleasant and the resulting texture more orderly. When you look at both baskets side by side its hard to believe that they are the result of the same pattern.

I enjoyed using both materials, and along with collecting more plastic bags it looks as if I will be collecting sweaters, old knitted blankets shawl’s and so on. Be warned 🙂

I am not sure I can say exactly At what point I started to get interested in arts and crafts from recycled materials, but for the past few months I have been in danger of being thrown out of my home because of the collection of tin cans that is growing on top of my fridge. I think they are beautiful exactly the way they are, and I do have a few dispersed in different rooms of my house on different missions.

Because I thought they were perfect just as they were, it was hard for me to think of things to make with them. Sometimes you need to leave things to ferment a bit, and it seems that the cans fall into this category.

Hopefully, I will be able to get round to using them in the next few days. I don’t want to let you in on what I want to do with them (although there are lots of simple stuff they can be used for like making stilts and old fashioned telephones. I will do that with the kids in the upcoming Hanukah Holidays).

  So, are you on the edge of your chair? I am…


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